Celebrating More Than 40 Years

You can - double Your
Social Security

Time Income

F.E.R.S. Is a U.S. Government retirement system offering benefits to employees, the military and the US Postal employees. One of these incredible benefits is NOW available to the public.

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SENIORS:: --> Already on Social Security can DOUBLE their retirement benefit, there are options. Allow us to show you.

Double My Social Security

retirement time income.
Can be Guaranteed even before you get there.

Monthly Social Security Check - $1,239.00
Social Security Death Benefit - $255.00
Monthly Social Security W/Supplemental - $2,577.00
W/Additional Death Benefit - $15,255.00
Lets say your Social Security check is (or projected to be) $1,250 a month, that will be hard to live on so you want more.
How much MORE would you like?


$1500 OR MORE ?

$1200 ?

$800 ?

OR MAYBE JUST $500 OR $600 ?

Social Security doesn't stop until you die, regardless of age. Your Social Security supplemental income does the same, right along with Social Security.

I'm In ! Show me how to get more.

Who Can Do It

Almost Anybody
Since the FERS plan has been made available to the pubilic, almost anybody can guarantee MORE money at Social Security time.
No Retirement at work
It's no longer a valid excuse. The largest regret we hear from retirees is, "I should have started at a younger age". We make it so easy.
Retired or Pre-Retired
As the "Hourglass" continues to empty, it's time to learn your options. Let us help you find out if it's possible for you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Double My Social Security

retirement time income.
Can be Guaranteed even before you get there.

If you are F.E.R.S. EMPLOYEE (Federal Employee Retirement System)
Whether you knew about it or not, you have had this available to you as part of your U.S. Government Payroll for more than 40 years. Learn what you have been missing.
Now Available To The Public

Easier than you may think because you have many options

Learn how much you can add to your income at Social Security time.

For once in your life, it may be time
to get greedy.
Double My Social Security - I'm Under 55
Double My Social Security - I'm Over 60

You're Not Alone

As a self employed contractor I don't have the same choices as someone who works for a big company. When I realized I could get the same retirement benefit as a U.S. Government employee, "I was in". It's been 4 years and I have increased my contributions every year. I'm now up to putting away $100 per week. That is going to pay off big for me.
Chad Mattison HVAC Tech
I'm a retired postal employee. I first heard about it and waited 5 years before getting started. Now that I'm getting my monthly check I think about how much more it would be if I had started 5 years earlier. Or If I had started when I started with the post office. Wow...
Robert Chase Retired Postal Employee
It was always on my mind. I don't make a lot of money but learned it don't take a lot. I watch my mother who was forced to retire with only Social Security for her income. I feel she lives like a prisoner and it breaks my heart. It scares me.
Jenna Simson Salon Stylist

The Final Word

Far to many will face a future of living on Social Security as their ONLY source of income. Will that be you? Retirement is supposed to be the GOLDEN YEARS. it's not too late to get on a plan. No decisions have to be made today EXCEPT, the decision to do the right thing and see if it's right for you.


- Sara Jones