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1. We guide people of ALL ages to DOUBLE their SOCIAL SECURITY time retirement income or set up LARGER than the normal Social Security time income.
Example: If a person is receiving or projected to receive $1,500 per month from Social Security at retirement, but they would rather live on $3,000 per month or even more, we simply show them how it can be done. Some take less by choice or circumstance, while others go for more..
F.E.R.S. is the Federal Employee Retirement System.
One of the benefit choices has been released to the public offering income for life, the same as SOCIAL SECURITY, except without the limitations, restrictionis and without the US Congress drawing down the fund(s).

Ages 30 to 45 is best time to be accumulating for your later years.
Let Father Time do the heavy lifting for you.

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Ask about the S.S. Supplement for never ending checks
regardless of what you paid or lifespan.

The US Government F.E.R.S. benefit has been on the employee's payroll system for more than 40 years.
Now available to the public !

2. We take care of final expense funding with insurance for seniors as well as people that want to get it out of the way so they don't have to pay high rates after they retire, making their retirement income less burdened by monthly bills.
100% of the people we speak to wish they would have done this in their younger years when it's so cheap, it's ridicules compared to when they are already retired. And yet we find most people wait until it is expensive. We can even include an option (with the proper plan, like the benefit on the F.E.R.S. plan above) to stop paying premiums and keep the insurance in force for the rest of their life. Poof, less burdensome bills at retirement time while on a fixed income.
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How to Double Current Income

You may have options you didn't know.

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Cheap Final Expense Life Insurance

Ask about the simple pre planning plan.

3. We install the same Government F.E.R.S. retirement installed benefit for employers with less than 50 employees.
Small employers face many challenges when wanting to provide retirement benefits for employees. The same F.E.R.S. retirement system's benefit mentioned here can be a perfect fit offering many options to the employer and to the employee. It's safe, portable and has many options.

Simply put, it has too many benefiting options to list here. Please contact us for more information.


Sad Customer Story #52

A Covid-19 Death.
Agent was selling case over the phone to a married man, let's call him Bill. Bill, now in his mid-fourties wanted to start saving for retirement and has wanted to start for some time but never did. One of our agent's called on Bill to show him what we had. Bill was attracted to the idea of INCOME FOR LIFE with options to take part in lump some at retirement time. Bills wife wanted extra life insurance to cover the house if anything happened to Bill or Her but bill objected. This delayed them from signing up. When the agent followed up to see if they had come to an agreement and were ready to apply, the agent learned Bill was hospitalized with Covid. Bill never came home.

We just never know...

What We'll Do For You

Iron Clad Plan
Plans we offer are tailor-made and customized for each individual and all offer many options. Allow us to show you what options can best fit the desires of your goals. It's true, "the person without a plan is 100 times more likely to fail." We'll give you a plan you can bank on, literally.
Large No-Worry Income
The only thing that is worse than NOT having any money in the bank to live on or not enough money is:
Having some money in the bank and scared to use it over fear you may run out at some point. Lay that fear to rest, we'll show you NEVER ENDING income which will NEVER run out.
ALL Guaranteed
Rest in confidence that you have fully backed guarantees. Additionally, we only utilize the very best of the best insurance carriers and financial firms or lenders. We have plans with ZERO market risk that even can include guaranteed interest rates. We know how important Peace Of Mind is...